Gas Detection

Relevant Solutions offers a complete line of sensors and controllers used with ventilation systems to prevent the dangerous accumulation of toxic and combustible gases, including carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, methane, hydrogen, ammonia, refrigerant gases, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and many more. Demand-controlled ventilation is now widely accepted as the best practice for maximizing safety while minimizing operating costs and environmental impact.

From parking garage carbon monoxide detectors to sensors for toxic gases in industrial plants, Relevant Solutions can fill your gas detection needs. We are proud to offer the most comprehensive product line in the industry, one that ensures an optimized solution for every application no matter how large or small. Our most common solutions include wall-mounted, watertight and dust-tight enclosure systems; however, duct-mounted and explosion-proof options are also available. Although local codes vary, our solutions meet or exceed the requirements of all major codes and standards, including IMC2015, UL2075, UL61010-1, EN50545-1 and California Title 24.

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