Relevant Solutions is a full-service building automation systems vendor offering 21st-century products and unequaled support. Relevant Solutions stocks many technically sophisticated products, but we understand it does little good to have millions of dollars’ worth of products on our shelves if our customers don’t understand how to assemble them into functional systems. Therefore, Relevant Solutions offers support that is second to none. We stand behind the products we sell in every way. Whether it is technical support and training, design support and training, estimating training or sales training, every aspect of our complex business receives focused attention. Why? Because well-trained, successful contractors sell more of our products and help us continue to build our positive reputation. Relevant Solutions has an experience level of literally hundreds of years in all aspects of our business, standing ready to bring qualified contractors to a highly professional level in building automation systems, including service and installation.

How does this work? Relevant Solutions breaks down the building automation business into its various components. We do a “gap analysis” with qualified contractors to assess their ability to skillfully complete the various components of a successful building automation project. The qualified contractor performs the portions of the project he is capable of performing, and Relevant Solutions fills in the “gaps” while providing a training path for him to acquire the skills needed to stand alone as a successful building automation systems contractor.

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