There are many uses for the continuous flow of air or gas that industrial fans generate, including combustion, ventilation, aeration, particulate transport, exhaust, cooling, air-cleaning, and drying, to name a few. Relevant Industrial offers a wide variety of centrifugal and axial fans for many applications.

Howden Covent Fan

Covent Fans

Covent manufactures fans and blowers up to 10,000 hp (7,500 kW). These fans have the ability to be flexible and deliver high quality results based on reliable tested performance data and proven design principles.

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Cement Fan

Cement Fans

We supply all the fans for a complete cement plant. These include the process critical fans, mainly centrifugal, for the pre-heater exhaust, kiln induced draught, raw mill exhaust, final exhaust, cooler forced draught and cement mill exhaust applications.

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Power Generation Fan

Power Generation Fans

Fossil fired power generation demands the highest levels of equipment performance and reliability. Fans, rotary heat exchangers and compressors are no exception to this, operating at peak performance for years between planned outages. 

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