Preventive Maintenance & Extended Warranty

PM MainThe purchase of an air compressor is a significant investment for your company. Protect your equipment—and your budget—against risks and expenses associated with unexpected maintenance and downtime.

Maximize your investment and protect your process with preventive maintenance and extended warranty agreements from Relevant Solutions. Our technicians have years of experience working on Ingersoll Rand, Tuthill, as well as all other brands in the marketplace. We maintain your equipment so you can concentrate on running your business.

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Preventive Maintenance Plan

Air Compressors require a proper maintenance program to insure unit longevity, optimal operating efficiency and minimal unplanned down time. A proper preventive maintenance program helps our customers achieve their productive goals and our service plan programs are customized based on each customer’s specific site conditions and operating hours.

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ExtendedCARE covers all manufacturers’ models of AirEnds for 10 year from the program acceptance date regardless of run hours to preserve your investment and keep your business running with predictive and preventive maintenance.

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PlannedCARE offers a variety of extended warranty coverage for your Ingersoll Rand rotating equipment that fits your requirements including Major Components for 5 years or Airend Coverage for 5 or 10 Years.  A predictive and preventive maintenance schedule keeps your equipment running smoothly year after year.

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PackageCARE offer total end-to-end package extended warranty coverage of your entire system so that you can rest easy knowing that your entire air system is protected.  Predictive and preventive maintenance ensures that your equipment is operating efficiently and optimized for your business.

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