You can’t manage what you can’t measure and track. SkySpark is software that makes a huge leap forward in energy management. It leverages systems that a building owner already has in place. It takes the data being generated by building automation, metering and lighting control systems, and automatically turns it into actionable intelligence. It can detect when a building is not operating as designed, spot systems tampering, track energy targets and provide fault detection. SkySpark analytics use meta data in this truly 21st-century approach to energy management. SkySpark controls nothing but watches everything, all without interfering with or disrupting the monitored systems. Relevant Solutions is a full-service distributor for SkySpark. We offer SkySpark as a product and a service (SaaS, or software as a service), and can either assist in your projects or fully provide a turnkey project. We also offer training on SkySpark. SkySpark is Project Haystack ready.

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