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Channel Track

Established in 1965, Channel Track has been the leading manufacturer of support systems for instrumentation tubing, wiring, cable, and instrument supports. Channel Track not only builds standard products but also offers custom-built products to its customers’ exact specifications. Custom metal fabrication is a significant aspect of the services provided by Channel Track. They provide a source for the STRUT channel framing product line, which includes various accessories such as spring nuts, pipe clamps, plate fittings, and beam clamps.

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  • Punched Angle
  • Punched Channel
  • Flat Bar
  • Tubing Clamps
  • Fasteners & Hardware
  • Instrument Stands
  • Condensate Pots
  • I-beam Ladder Tray
  • C-rail Ladder Tray
  • Flatbar Ladder Tray

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