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About Switch Filtration

DSC_0080Switch Filtration™ specializes in manufacturing OEM replacement filter elements for the high speed rotating equipment industry. Elements are available for use in John Crane / Indufil®, Hydac, Pall Corporation and many other filters.

Switch Filtration has created a culture that cares about providing a superior customer experience while striving to exceed current industry standards. In manufacturing OEM replacement filter elements with ISO certified materials, it ensures premier products for its high speed rotating equipment clientele.

The direct result is a significant improvement in both the quality and the price of these filter elements for our customers.

The Switch Difference

  • Exact fit in accordance with the original OEM part to ensure performance in filtration efficiency and dirt holding
  • Materials duplicate or exceed the specifications of the original OEM part
  • Elements are inspected and packaged to the highest cleanliness standards prior to shipment
  • Switch Filtration does not just build look-alike elements; we build duplicate OEM parts from the inside out to make them perform-alike
  • Made in America

The Switch Filtration Guarantee

All Switch Filtration replacement filter elements are guaranteed to meet the filtration efficiency and overall performance of the original equipment manufacturer’s elements.

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