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Ingersoll Rand

 - Provides a wide range of technologically advanced, highly reliable and low maintenance air compressors with superior components; a full range of compressed air treatment products and services as well as air compressor parts and accessories including reciprocating, rotary screw and centrifugal technologies

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 - Manufactures pumps, blowers, and vacuums; from heavy oils to motor fuels, from standard pressures to deep vacuums; Relevant can provide you any Kinney® vacuum pump and M-D Pneumatics™ blower & vacuum booster; positive displacement blower, mechanical vacuum pump, vacuum booster and engineered system you need.


Air Products

 - Develops and manufactures gas membrane separators; Air Products PRISM Membrane separators generate gas onsite in the following industries: aerospace, oil and gas, food and beverage, marine, and many others; primary applications include nitrogen generation, air dehydration, hydrogen recovery, biogas upgrading, and the generation of oxygen enriched air

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Reymsa Cooling Towers -

  • Structural Integrity: Meets high
  • wind velocity requirements
  • Units exceed energy efficiency per ASHRAE Standard 90.1
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) offers total corrosion resistance against aggressive chemicals
  • Seamless cold water basin and body casing that eliminates the possibility of leaks
  • Designed to be sustainable and have a low environmental impact
  • Tested and certified to meet seismic requirements per the International Building Code (IBC)2


Sahara Henderson

 - Specializes in unique compressed air and gas treatments; through their engineering, they find solutions to meet customers' demanding applications

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Travaini Pumps

- Since 1929 Pompetravaini / Travaini Pumps USA has continuously manufactured high quality rotating equipment for the movement of air and gases. The company has a wide portfolio of pumps for moving fluids and liquid ring vacuum pumps, compressors, rotary positive displacement blowers, vacuum boosters, vacuum exhauster and engineered liquid ring vacuum and fluid pumping systems.


NES Company

- Manufactures and distributes an extensive selection of pumping equipment for the industrial, commercial, and heating markets. They specialize in liquid ring vacuum pumps. Their product lines include a large selection of replacement pumps up to 42,000 CFM, engineered systems, as well as one of the most extensive selections of remanufactured pumps.

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