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Boosters / Vacuum Boosters

Tuthill Booster

One way to improve pump performance is to add a vacuum booster to the application. Not only will your vacuum pump work faster, but the pump will achieve a deeper vacuum level.

High-capacity gas volumes at high vacuum (50 Torr to micron range), may be used in conjunction with all types of vacuum pumps and designed to operate at 82 dB(A) or less at blank-off (open eld; motor and background noise excluded).  Supplied with a heavy-duty drive shaft for either direct coupled or belt-driven applications.

Standard construction materials: cast iron housing, end plates and port fittings with ductile iron rotors and shafts. Special materials offered: stainless steel, carbon steel, ductile iron and Bi-Protec. 

Vacuum boosters are utilized worldwide in applications such as: transformer oil drying, vacuum furnaces, vapor coating, vacuum packaging, vapor recovery, chemical processing, dryers and evaporators.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumping System

Booster / Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumping System

Relevant provides booster / liquid ring vacuum pumping systems in two and three-stage systems, complete with instrumentation, condensers, partial or complete sealant liquid recovery and recirculation, piping and valves.  The systems are ideal for pumping wet gas mixtures at low pressures, oil-filled systems to avoid problems with corrosive contaminants as well as sealant liquid vapor pressures at high temperatures. Process liquid-filled systems prevent contamination of process gases with water or oil.

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Booster Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumping System

Booster / Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumping Systems

Booster / rotary piston vacuum pumping systems are able to pump high volumes at very low pressures. High-capacity dry rotary lobe vacuum boosters are matched to a smaller rotary piston vacuum pump for continuous operation below 1 Torr (1.3 mbar a), the vacuum booster can increase pumping speed by a factor of 10 or more.  

Pump performance ranges 200-12,000 CFM (320-20,388 m3/h) with ultimate vacuum levels as low as 0.2 microns. Relevant can offer conventional systems with direct driven or V-belt driven boosters as well as compact systems with close-coupled boosters. 

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