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Relevant Solutions carries multiple manufacturers of regulators to accompany the valves in your process. Pressure regulators will not only reduce a supply (or inlet) pressure to a lower outlet pressure, but they work to hold this outlet pressure despite fluctuations in the inlet pressure. The reduction of the inlet pressure to a lower outlet pressure is the key characteristic of pressure regulators.

RMG Globe Regulator

Honeywell RMG Globe Regulators

Ideal for Class VI leakage requirements. For gas from High pressure grid, large volumes of natural gas have to be reduced from high inlet pressures to much lower values. Essential is that the outlet pressure is kept accurately constant even when the high inlet pressure strongly fluctuates and large variations in demand occur.

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RMG Axil Regulator

Honeywell RMG Axil Regulators

Known for the high gas throughput while maintaining stable and reliable control, Axil regulators are heavily used in the transmission and distribution markets. They are easily integrated into standard distributed control system (DCS) platforms, and its versatile expansion options enable lower capital expenditures (CAPEX).

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RMG Membrane Regulator

Honeywell RMG Membrane Regulators

Known for its industry-leading stability and reliability, the regulator is a quieter, better performing, modular pilot solution for a wide range of gas applications. Users also achieve lower maintenance and support costs. Target applications are distribution and industrial pressure reducing stations.

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GO Regulator

GO Regulators

GO Regulator is a leading global designer and manufacturer of standardized and specialty pressure regulators, diaphragm valves, and filters to the analytical, instrumentation, petrochemical, oil & gas, and specialty gas industries. GO regulators and valves are designed to fulfill a wide range of applications, controlling pressure while accommodating low to moderate flow rates of many gases and liquids.  

ControlAir Regulator

ControlAir Regulators

As one the top suppliers of pneumatic control technology, ControlAir leads the industry in the design and development of air operated equipment. The line-up is vast including air pressure regulators, I/P, E/P, PI transducers, volume boosters, air relays, valve positioners and diaphragm cylinders.

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