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Valve & Regulator Accessories

Serving an integral and precise function in many applications, valves and regulators close the loop in a variety of processes. The technologies range from manual quarter turn ball valves to fully automated assemblies. Typical uses include water, steam, chemical and natural gas to name a few. With so many different types and sizes of valves and regulators it is essential that you choose the right accessories for every project. See our list of valve and regulator accessories below for the most Relevant valves and accessories.

Maxon Valve

Maxon Valve Accessories

Innovative valve designs dating back to the 1920's cements Maxon as a legendary manufacturer of shut off and control valves. With consistent guiding principles in mind, Maxon offers top of the line valve accessories for any project, such as: position indicators, manual levers and valve open/close switches.

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AT Controls Valves

A-T Controls Valve Accessories

A complete valve solution provider, A-T Controls supplies the highest quality valve and automated valve assemblies. To aid in the installation and operation of their valves A-T provides a complete offering of accessories for every application including: actuators, positioners, limit switches, solenoids, position indicators and flow controls.  

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NorEast Valve & Regulator Accessories

Nor’East Controls Valve Accessories 

Providing valves and controls in industrial and commercial applications worldwide, Nor’East Controls is one of the few suppliers of 100% American made valve and control systems. Their facility in Portland, Maine manufacturers a comprehensive line of valve accessories for every control valve application. 

RMG Valve & Regulator Accessories

RMG Regulator Accessories 

RMG by Honeywell is an industry leader in gas control, measurement and analysis. As a provider of complete regulation and measurement components throughout the entire gas supply chain, RMG has set the industry standard for gas measurement and regulating solutions. 

ControlAir Valve & Regulator Accessories

ControlAir Valve & Regulator Accessories

As one the top suppliers of pneumatic control technology, ControlAir leads the industry in the design and development of air operated equipment. Their offering is vast and includes: air pressure regulators, I/P, E/P, PI transducers, volume boosters, air relays, valve positioners and diaphragm cylinders.

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