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Reciprocating Control Valves

Are you struggling with cavitation issues or want to reduce noise caused by high pressure drops? Consider a Masoneilan reciprocating control valve. These valves will put your mind at ease since they were designed to handle high pressure drop and a wide range of temperatures throughout a multitude of applications.

21000 Series MN valve

21000 Series Top Guided Valve

PF&G offers the Masoneilan 21000 Series heavy top-guided globe valve for a wide range of automated process control applications. The 21000 Series product line features a single-ported design configuration, which permits numerous trim, actuation, and instrumentation solutions.

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41005 Series Cage Guided

41005 Series Globe & Angle Cage-Guided Valve

The Masoneilan 41005 Series heavy duty control valve features balanced trim configurations. This product offers efficient and stable operation under extreme process conditions, including applications with high-pressure drops and large temperature variations. Optional features include noise attenuation trim, anti-cavitation designs, and various balance seal options to meet a wide range of pressure and temperature requirements.

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10000 double seated globe valve

10000 Series Double Seated Globe Valve

The 10000 Series double seated control valve from Masoneilan is a semi-balanced design, providing high allowable pressure drops, reduced actuator thrust requirements, and large flow areas to effectively handle dirty fluid applications.

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28000 Varipak Masoneilan

28000 Series VariPak® Micro-Trim Globe Valve

Designed specifically for low flow applications, the Masoneilan Varipak Control Valves provides excellent throttling control performance with a wide range of options and capabilities. Design optimization has also resulted in an extremely integrated and compact assembly.

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Masoneilan 80000 three way valve

80000 Series 3-Way Diverting or Combining Valve

The 80000 Series is a heavy duty three-way control valve designed for either combining or diverting service. The Masoneilan 80000 Series has a stable design with top guiding in the plug and guiding within the seat ring locations. Designs are available in various sizes and can be configured to operate within an extremely wide temperature range. This is accomplished through use of high performance materials and design configurations.

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