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Rotary Control Valves

Masoneilan Camflex IIPF&G sells and services rotary control valves through our partnership with Masoneilan. Not familiar with rotary control valves? These versatile valves have a small footprint, are lightweight and easy to install. They provide better control and turndown capabilities and come standard with (LE) Low Emission packing. (Emission Free (EF) packing also available.)

From Refining, Chemical, Power, and even the Food & Beverage industry - PF&G stocks over $1 million in inventory. Let our team of experts help you select the right valve for your application. 

Need to repair and existing valve? PF&G is an authorized MARC (Masoneilan Authorized Repair Center). Every technician who comes in contact with your valve (whether it is a new assembly or a repair) is factory-trained to ensure the valves perform as designed, using only OEM parts.    

camflex MN valve

35002 Series Camflex II Rotary Control Valve

The Masoneilan Camflex valve is designed first and foremost to be an excellent control valve and has proven to truly be a Universal Rotary Globe control valve. Its thoughtful design elevates overall product integrity and reduces the risk of component failure and process upset. More than 1 million Camflex valves have been successfully installed and operated in a variety of process industries and applications.

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V-Max Valve

36005 V-Max Control Ball Valve

These high-capacity V-ported control ball valves offer automatic throttling capability with flexible shutoff options, simplified maintenance needs, and enhanced operational reliability.

The V-Max* rotary control valve offers high-capacity, heavy-duty automatic throttling capability.The valve’s advanced design features offer substantial benefits.

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PFA lined MN valve

31000 Series PFA Lined

This eccentric rotary plug design provides excellent throttling control accuracy, low dynamic forces and tight shut off. The straight through flow pattern results in high flow capacities. PFA lining with guaranteed minimum wall thickness provides resistance to most corrosive fluids. Pair that with reduced fugitive emissions, ease of maintenance and reliability... this is one stellar valve.

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triple offset butterfly valve

33000 Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Baker Hughes’s Masoneilan 33000 Series incorporates patented design with advanced manufacturing to provide high performance, triple offset features that enables bi-directional, isolation tight shutoff under a wide range of pressures and temperatures for both control and on/off applications. The heavy duty 33000 series butterfly valve provides the high degree of zero leakage performance, with a less costly design as compared to the larger gate, globe or ball valve technologies used in many isolation applications.

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