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To pair with Precision Fitting & Gauge's robots valve portfolio, we offer an assortment of accessories to complete your valve package. Position switches, transmitters, air filter regulators, lock up valves, volume boosters for high capacity, along with gauges, fittings to meet your AML.


Pneumatic and ElectroPneumatic Positioners

Pneumatic & Electro-Pneumatic Positioners 

Masoneilan models 4700E/4800E (electropneumatic) and 4700P/4800P (pneumatic) are field-proven positioners that use a precision feedback cam to provide accurate positioning, fast response, and customized control characteristics for control valves. These positioners can be used with either rotary or reciprocating actuators.

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Switch Positioners

Position Switches & Transmitters

The Masoneilan 496 Series switches are configurable as electro-mechanical switches, proximity switches, or opto-electronic position transmitters.

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Air Filter Regulator

Air Filter Regulators & Air Lock Up Valves

The Model 78 air filter regulators are a good choice for applications that require regulating process plant air to Various control valve pneumatic accessories.

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Booster Relay

High Capacity Volume Booster Relays

Baker Hughes Masoneilan BR400 and BR200 are high capacity volume boosters for applications that require fast stroking speeds using pneumatic actuators. Stable operation over a wide range of actuator sizes can be obtained by adjusting the bypass valve on the booster to modify the dynamic response. The models BR200 and BR400 are equally suitable for use on diaphragm or piston actuators.

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