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Water Strainers

We supply automatic backwash water strainers for continuous protection of downstream equipment by removing the dirt and debris common to many applications. Our equipment can handle numerous process fluids, including cooling tower water, sea water, river/canal water, lake/pond water and recycled machine water.

SS Strainer

R.P. Adams Backwash Strainer

Widely used in many industries, R.P. Adams patented Automatic Backwash Strainers are a rugged design that provides reliable, efficient, un-attended operation. Also called Automatic Backflush Filters, they remove suspended solids, dirt, and debris from many different water streams and process fluids.  The strainers work around the clock with minimal maintenance or operator attention. They provide cost effective continuous protection for downstream equipment, reducing maintenance and downtime for heat exchangers, spray systems, and process equipment.

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