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UltiDri 3XHydraulic & Lube Oil Filtration

Relevant offers standard and custom filtration solutions for gear box, lube and hydraulic oils. In addition to filter vessels and filter elements, Relevant can deliver oil conditioning solutions to remove the most challenging oil contaminants such as water, dissolved gases and varnish constituents.

If your requirements are short-term or long-term, Relevant can provide oil conditioning systems as capital equipment or as leased assets. Check out our wide array of product solutions below.

Filter Housings

Filter Housings

Filter housings can be designed and sized for OEM applications or retrofit upgrades of existing oil systems. Relevant offers various brands of Simplex or Duplex Filter housings for continuous operation. Looking for replacement oil filters? Check out the Relevant Solutions brand of Switch Filtration

UltiDri 3X

Oil Dehydration Technology

UltiDri® is an in-line oil dehydration system provided by Pentair. It is an alternative to vacuum dehydration technology and solves water in oil issues without the constant monitoring of equipment. This membrane technology is easy to use and removes free, emulsified, and dissolved water from petroleum-based and synthetic oils, down to 25 ppm - all accomplished without operator interface and the expense of traditional use vacuum dehydration.   

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Varnish Removal Finish

Varnish Removal System

Relevant offers a Pentair solution for varnish buildup. This type of buildup can result in shortened oil life and excess maintenance. Envirosep® is a patent pending technology that utilizes filtration and adsorption mechanisms to capture polymerized degradation compounds, non-soluble gels and soluble pre-degradation materials that all result in formation of varnish.  The system is easy to use, has minimal operator interface and does not require the turbine to be off-line. 

Oil Reservior Blanket Technology

Oil Reservoir  Blanket Technology

Excess water and particulate can invade your oil system. Relevant offers the technology to solve this problem with Pentair’s Stealth ABS® (Active Breather System). The Stealth ABS® purges and dehydrates the reservoir headspace and ensures clean and dry with improved oil quality. This system is virtually maintenance free and eliminates the high upkeep of desiccant systems.

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