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Process Filtration

Relevant provides solutions for a variety of filtration and purification applications. Our broad product offering allows us to serve industrial process markets. Products from leading manufactures such as Switch Filtration, 3M Purification, Hilliard, Parker Process, Clark-Reliance, Shelco, Rosedale and others allow us to provide the best solutions for equipment protection, product clarity, process improvement and end product quality. 

High Flow and Large Diameter CartridgesHigh Flow and Large Diameter Cartridges

Fewer cartridges and reduced labor costs associated with change-outs are the biggest benefit of High Flow Cartridges. Additionally, High Flow cartridges allow for smaller housings and less CapEx. Large diameter pleated filter cartridges are a cost-effective solution to bag media or the standard 2-1/2" cartridges for high flow applications.

Pleated Absolute and Nominally Rated CartridgesPleated Absolute and Nominally Rated Cartridges

This filter design maximizes particle holding capacity for longer service life and have absolute rated options for reliable particle control and nominal rated options for pre-filter and intermediate filtration requirements. We also offer a wide range of end caps for retrofitting to existing systems.

Liquid Filter VesselsLiquid Filter Vessels

Relevant offers standard and customer configurations of liquid filter vessels to match the most complex processes in life sciences, food & beverage, industrial, oil & gas, microelectronics and many more. We can deliver simple modifications on standard housings to customized fixed or portable skid-mounted filtration systems that can incorporate custom filters, filler tanks, strainers, separators, controllers, sensors, and automated operations. 

Filter Bags and AccessoriesFilter Bags and Accessories

Relevant is ready to solve your filtration challenges with a huge selection of filter media, offered in both standard or high efficiency grades. Our products can extend life in existing filter housings, magnets, installation and removal tools, displacers and other equipment to improve performance.

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