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Process Water Treatment Solutions

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Do you need to filter, purify, pretreat, or reuse industrial process water with high efficiency and low

 OPEX? Relevant Industrial is your purification solutions partner. We can provide the world’s best process water treatment systems as a certified strategic partner for Parker Water Purification Division.

Our purification equipment can be pretested packaged skids or turnkey containerized industrial grade solutions for boiler feed, makeup water, food & beverage, production, inlet fogging, manufacturing, and mining.

We deliver sustainable innovation that’s cost-effective, reliable and most importantly - Relevant.

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Water Process Treatment Custom

Custom Engineered Solutions

From a simple to a complex requirement, our on-site engineers can design a relevant purification solution to meet your water purification requirements for specialty ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis wastewater treatment recovery. We also offer containerized water treatment solutions for rent or for purchase – all ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

UF Parker


Process water pretreatment requirements can be satisfied with a specialized Ultrafiltration (UF) Membrane Treatment Filtration  solution. Additionally, we have Parker’s High Turbidity Automated Pre-filtration for the high removal of bacteria and viruses.

Membrane Demineralized and Degasification

Membrane Demineralization & Degasification

Remove salts, silica, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other impurities from water using reverse osmosis (RO) methodology. We also have a full array of water treatment systems using RO for seawater and RO for brackish water, nanofiltration (NF) and electrodeionization (EDI).

Water Reuse & Reclamation

Water Reuse & Reclamation

We deliver Ultra High Recovery (UHR) membrane water treatment systems for zero liquid discharge (ZLD). These systems provide treatment of reverse osmosis concentrate from conventional brackish water reverse osmosis systems. 

Purification Service


Relevant Solutions is ready to provide on-site service and repair with our own qualified technical talent. We can also handle startups, commissioning, installation, remote monitoring and preventative maintenance on process water treatment systems.

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