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Repair Return Authorization Form Declaration of Blower, Vacuum Booster & Vacuum Pump Contamination

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Declaration that the blower/booster has been decontaminated check any of the following substances the pump has been exposed to:

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List all substances, gases and by-products, which came into contact with the pump. Attach SDS sheets.

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Please remove all drain valves, plugs, and fluids from the product and reinstall to ensure residual leakage does not occur during shipment.  Please prepare the product on an open skid to allow for inspection at the dock.

After receipt and inspection of the product, Relevant will provide the customer with a written service report and quotation, if applicable, that is good for 30 days from the date that the quote is issued. The customer then has 45 days from the date of quotation to provide Relevant with instructions for final disposition of the product, i.e., repair and service per the quotation, or return the product to the customer. If, however, the customer does not respond to Relevant within such 45-day period, all abandoned products will then become the property of Relevant to dispose of as it sees fit. If the customer chooses to have the product returned, the customer will agree to pay for all inspection fees and freight costs.