Precision Engineering for High-Purity Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen Generation

Ingersoll Rand LS Nitrogen GeneratorThe demand for industrial gases is constantly adapting to the ever-changing needs of the market. At Relevant Industrial, we recognize the fluid nature of this demand and provide cost-effective and dependable systems to cater to these evolving requirements. We understand that each application and customer have their own unique characteristics, which is why we tailor solutions that precisely meet client specifications for flow, purity, and pressure.

Our team of skilled, experienced engineers plays a pivotal role in this process. They diligently analyze the specific requirements of each customer, leveraging their expertise to develop and recommend ideal solutions for their applications. Whether it's nitrogen generation for food processing, applications in the oil and gas industry, or marine applications, Relevant Industrial stands at the forefront of non-cryogenic gas production, with a particular focus on compression for feed air and storage.

The Versatility of Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen, a vital component of various industrial processes, is generated and used across a broad spectrum of sectors. At Relevant Industrial, we leverage both Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generation, as well as Membrane Nitrogen Generation technologies to address our clients’ needs. Additionally, we stay on top of the wide-ranging applications of nitrogen and have developed sophisticated solutions to address its diverse uses.  

Here are some key sectors where nitrogen generation plays a pivotal role: 

Ingersoll Rand HS Series Nitrogen Generator

1. Food Processing: 

In the food processing industry, maintaining product quality and safety is crucial. Nitrogen is used to create static atmospheres, effectively preventing oxidation and food products from spoiling. Our nitrogen generation systems are designed to provide a continuous and reliable source of high-purity nitrogen, ensuring the preservation of food quality throughout the production and packaging processes. 

2. Oil and Gas Applications: 

The oil and gas industry relies on nitrogen for various purposes, including blanketing tanks to prevent explosions and purging pipelines to remove combustible gases. Relevant Industrial offers state-of-the-art nitrogen generation solutions, including compression technology, to meet the stringent demands of this sector. Our systems are designed for ruggedness and reliability, capable of withstanding some of the harshest operational conditions. 

3. Marine Applications:

 Nitrogen is vital in marine applications for purging tanks and maintaining the integrity of vital systems. Our specialized nitrogen generation systems cater to the unique requirements of marine environments, ensuring the safety and performance of vessels and offshore facilities. 

4. Beyond the Basics: 

While these are some of the primary sectors where nitrogen generation is indispensable, its utility extends far beyond these areas. Nitrogen is employed in pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronics production, aerospace applications, and many more. At Relevant Industrial, we take pride in our ability to adapt and provide tailored solutions to meet the evolving demands of these industries and more. 

Mastering the Art of Compression

In the realm of non-cryogenic gas production, compression is the heart of the process. Relevant Industrial has honed its expertise in compression technology, offering comprehensive solutions that cover a wide spectrum of gas applications. Our mastery extends to both feed air compression and storage solutions, ensuring that our customers have access to the most advanced and reliable systems available. 

Ingersoll Rand LS Series Nitrogen Generator
  • Feed Air Compression: The efficiency of gas generation systems often depends on the reliability and performance of feed air compression. Relevant Industrial's feed air compression solutions are designed with precision and efficiency in mind. We offer a range of compressors that cater to varying capacity requirements and can withstand the demands of continuous operation. 

  • Storage Solutions: Effective storage of gases is as critical as their generation. Relevant Industrial provides cutting-edge storage solutions that ensure the safety, purity, and accessibility of gases. Our storage systems are engineered to meet the unique requirements of each application, whether it involves maintaining gas purity for sensitive processes or ensuring a readily available supply for critical operations. 


Relevant Industrial is a pioneering force in industrial gas solutions, with a commitment to understanding and meeting our customers' ever-changing needs. Our dedication to precision engineering, coupled with our expertise in compression technology, positions us as a trusted partner. From nitrogen generation for food processing to critical applications in the oil and gas sector, we are the go-to source for tailored solutions that optimize efficiency, enhance safety, and drive success in today's industrial landscape. 

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