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Custom Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

API Basco Hairpin Heat ExchangerRelevant Solutions offers custom designed shell and tube heat exchangers that have been manufactured in strict accordance with customer specifications and processes. Exchangers can also be fabricated in accordance with ASME Code, TEMA guidelines ‘C’, ‘B’ and ‘R’, API 660 and many country-specific codes. We offer heat exchangers in straight tube, U-tube, and double pipe or multi-tube hairpin designs.

We carry API Basco Type OP (“O-Ring Protected”) heat exchangers. This design is the preferred TEMA Type AEW shell and tube heat exchanger in the marketplace. The removable tube bundle, nozzle location flexibility and unique threaded o-ring retainer allows the reversing or removal of the bonnet without disturbing the piping or draining the shell side fluid. Inspection and tube side cleaning is possible by removing the channel cover. Our Type OP heat exchanger is fully compliant to API 614 guidelines.

Hairpin Heat Exchanger

API Basco Hairpin Heat Exchangers

When your process requires a temperature cross or high operating pressures, a hairpin heat exchanger has fewer sections, less surface area and is the most efficient design.  Available with removable or non-removable bundles that provide a high thermal performance and small footprint.

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TEMA Type Heat Exchanger

All TEMA Types & Designs

The sky is the limit when designing your shell and tube heat exchanger. Whether your process requires TEMA Type AES, AKU or any other variation, every application is unique and your heat exchanger should be a perfect fit to your needs. Let us help you design your custom TEMA Type heat exchanger.

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Exotic Metal Heat Exchanger

Exotic Metal Heat Exchangers

When your process is anything but ordinary, you may consider an exotic metal heat exchanger to avoid leaks and loss of pressure. Corrosion resistant alloys including titanium, high nickel alloys, zirconium, tantalum and many others are available to build your custom heat exchanger.

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