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Thermostatic Valves

Relevant Solutions provides FPE thermostatic control valves for industrial and HVAC applications. Our thermostatic valves are used to control oil and water flow from an engine or compressor to the heat exchanger, and they are also used to protect hot water boiler systems.

Industrial Thermostatic Control Valves

Industrial Thermostatic Valves

If you need a simple and reliable way to control the temperature of your lube oil and jacket water, Relevant Solutions offers FPE thermostatic valves. These valves come in a wide variety of temperature ranges or can be customized to meet any demand in your application. Self contained and tamper proof, FPE's thermostatic valves should become a standard in your rotating equipment package.

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Commerical Thermostatic Control Valves

Commercial Thermostatic Valves

Accuracy matters when controlling the temperature of your commercial hot water boiler applications. Relevant Solutions knows the FPE thermostatic valves not only provide boiler protection but superior quality with a short lead time. When safety is one of your main concerns, our thermostatic valves will keep you out of 'hot water'.

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