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Standard Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

API Basco Standard Heat ExchangerRelevant Solutions offers commercial standard, off-the-shelf shell and tube heat exchangers for use in lube oil and jacket water cooling services. Materials include carbon steel shell and tubesheets, admiralty brass tubes and cast iron bonnets. Coolers and parts including gaskets, o-rings and bonnets are stocked in Houston for immediate shipment.

We also offer pre-engineered shell and tube heat exchangers designed and fabricated in accordance with ASME Code, TEMA ‘C’, and API 614/618 guidelines. These heat exchangers are used for lube oil and jacket water cooling, as compressor inter- and after-coolers, as pipeline after-coolers, and in many other oil and gas and chemical services.

Relevant Solutions offers API Basco Type 500 shell and tube heat exchangers, the industry standard in value and long-term reliability. The Type 500 standard design comes with various options that have proven to meet specific customer needs. Relevant also supplies API Basco/Whitlock hub design and U-tube heat exchangers, and Type HT and Type AHT heat exchangers. These heat exchangers offer maximum flexibility at a minimum cost because of their non-ferrous materials and standardized design.

API Basco Type 500

API Basco Type 500 Heat Exchanger

The API Basco Type 500 Heat Exchanger provides ultimate reliability and remains cost effective. Although the design is highly standardized, there are various options to meet specific requirements. Many of the designs are readily available including straight tube and U-tube bundles.

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API Basco Type AHT Heat Exchanger

When investing in a Type AHT hub design heat exchanger, customers benefit from all 316 S/S construction. Hub design heat exchangers allow for an increased corrosion resistance, maximum efficiency as well as lower entrance velocity and pressure drop from the dome shell nozzle. 

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API Basco Type OP

API Basco Type OP Heat Exchanger

API Basco's Type OP ranks as the preferred TEMA Type AEW shell and tube heat exchanger designed to comply with the requirement of API 614. Type OP ("O-ring Protected") design has a removable tube bundle and flexibility in nozzle location. A special threaded o-ring retainer allows for the removal of the reversing bonnet without losing the shell side fluid or unsettling the piping.

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