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Because plants need condensers with long equipment life and low maintenance requirements, Relevant Solutions partners with Kelvion to provide the most reliable steam surface condensers available, with the capacity to condense turbine exhaust steam at very low pressures. Steam surface condensers are used in power generation, refining and chemical processing applications to create and maintain a vacuum at the turbine exhaust. The exhaust steam is converted into condensate and then pumped back to the boiler to complete the closed loop process.

We offer the condensers as a component or as a complete package including condensate pumps, steam ejectors and inter-condensers/after-condensers. Each surface condenser is engineered to provide premium performance for turbine applications. Click here for the Kelvion Product Sheet Surface Condensers.

Field Erected Heat Exchanger

Field Erected Steam Condensers 

Relevant Solutions collaborates with Kelvion to offer field erected steam surface condensers when efficiency and footprint are a concern. From design to delivery these condensers can be customized to your exact specifications.

Shop Assembled Steam Condensers

Shop Assembled Steam Condensers

When you are looking to obtain maximum efficiency from your process, consider installing an Kelvion steam surface condenser. These condensers effortlessly convert your turbine exhaust steam into condensate for reuse as boiler feed water. Condensers are provided as components or as a skid package including condensate tank, pumps, ejectors, and controls.

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