Relevant Summer Internship Program

Autumn Domec

Current Undergraduate Program: Industrial Distribution – Texas A&M


Autumn Domec Internship

Question 1: What new skills or knowledge did you acquire during your summer internship with us?
I learned multiple new programs including TDF and PowerBI. I also greatly increased my knowledge of Excel and how important is it to grow your business network.

Question 2: How did your summer internship contribute to your personal and professional growth?
One skill I learned that is pertinent to my personal and professional life is communication. Communication is key to keeping healthy relationships in both business and personal relationships.

Question 3: What was your favorite project and why?
My favorite project I got to be a part of was the Lean Process Mapping. I got to get a better insight to multiple aspects of the company. I also got to see real world issues companies deal with on a daily basis, and how they are working to fix those issues.

Question 4: How Would You Summarize the Unique Experience of Being Part of Our Internship Program?
During my time here, I mainly worked with our CRM system and learned the ins and outs of it. As well as learning and using TDF I got to work with a lot of different people in the company and got to broaden my professional network. I also loved getting to use some of the concepts we learn in school and see how they apply to businesses.

Fun Fact: I am first generation college student!