Relevant Summer Internship Program

Cameron Scott

Current Undergraduate Program: Industrial Distribution – Texas A&M


Cameron Scott Internship

Question 1: What new skills or knowledge did you acquire during your summer internship with us?
This summer I was able to learn much more about the various aspects and responsibilities of the supply chain side of business. I became far more skilled in using business tools such as Excel and improved my professional communication skills.

Question 2: How did your summer internship contribute to your personal and professional growth?
My internship experience gave me great insight into the realities of working in industry and tested many of the skills I have learned in school. I now feel much more confident in my ability to successfully navigate the beginning of my professional career.

Question 3: What was your favorite project and why?
My favorite project involved data mining for and merging duplicate part numbers in the company inventory database. This project challenged my problem-solving skills and allowed me to become more proficient in Excel while also providing a tangible benefit to the company.

Question 4: How Would You Summarize the Unique Experience of Being Part of Our Internship Program?
As students with little to no experience we were welcomed and guided by the people of Relevant while also being trusted to accomplish a multitude of meaningful tasks for the organization.

Fun Fact: I am a member of the Texas A&M Waterski Team!