Relevant Summer Internship Program

Madeleine Elliott

Current Undergraduate Program: Industrial Distribution – Texas A&M


Madeleine Elliot Internship

Question 1: What new skills or knowledge did you acquire during your summer internship with us?
I learned how to use a multitude of different Microsoft programs, and especially improved my skills in Excel. I also was exposed to how collaborative a company is between each department, and how each sector of the company works together to solve problems.

Question 2: How did your summer internship contribute to your personal and professional growth?
My summer internship challenged me for the better and gave me many opportunities to step out of my comfort zone. Not only did I work for very knowledgeable people in supply chain, I also got the opportunity foster connections across other sectors of the company as well.

Question 3: What was your favorite project and why?
My favorite project was reaching out to suppliers to confirm purchase orders that had an unknown status. I was able to help the purchasing team recover these purchase orders by acknowledging their status in our ERP system. This project allowed me to gain experience talking directly to suppliers and problem solving, while also learning how to navigate an ERP system.

Question 4: How Would You Summarize the Unique Experience of Being Part of Our Internship Program?
In summary, my experience as a Relevant intern allowed me to expand my knowledge on a multitude of important subjects, while having a group of very experienced people to support us along the way.

Fun Fact: I am an on the officer team for the Professional Association for Industrial Distribution!