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Severe Service Control Valves are typically used in the most severe conditions to be found in the oil and gas, power, refining, chemical and petrochemical industries. Masoneilan's valves are highly engineered and specifically designed for applications with large mass flow rates and high differential pressures. Look no further for you high pressure liquid letdown (especially for dirty fluids), severe high-expansion ratio applications, hot high pressure hydrocarbons service, desuperheating application or high pressure fluids and two-phase applications. 

Urea Valve

70000 Series Urea Grade Valves

The 70000 Series Urea Grade valve has a forged block body with integral bonnet – which avoids dead zones inside standard bonnet flanges. Its streamlined flow design means there is no pocket in the flow path to avoid sticking of fluid. Anti-cavitation trim available depending on application pressure drop.

72000 severe MN valve

72000 Angle Valve with LO-db® and v-Log® Trim

The Masoneilan 72000 Series is a fabricated angle valve for precise capacity control while efficiently reducing noise and outlet velocities using single or multiple cages in high capacity and high-pressure letdown gas applications. 

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77000 severe MN valve

77000 Multi-Stage Valves (Angle & Globe)

The 77000 Series multi-stage expanding area control valve is designed primarily for high pressure compressible fluid or two-phase applications. It effectively controls erosion, vibration and high noise conditions, making it an ideal solution for high pressure, high temperature, flashing hydrocarbon liquid services.

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LincolnLog MN valve

78400/18400 Series Lincoln Log®

Axial Flow LincolnLog design utilizes a tortuous path to distribute pressure drop along the axis of the plug. The axial stages throttle in unison as the plug strokes, maintaining staging ratios at all lift points. Velocity and pressure drop are controlled, thus eliminating cavitation and the resulting trim damage. This valve is highly effective in pump recirculation and high pressure liquid letdown applications, including those found in Hydrotreater processes.

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49000 LincolnLog MN valve

49000 Series Globe & Angle Style with LO-db® or V-Log® Trim

The 49000 Series V-LOG high pressure drop valve features an enlarged body gallery to accommodate gas expansion and up to 36 stages of pressure reduction via a stacked disk trim design. It offers optimized severe service solutions for high-pressure drop applications with potential damaging noise or cavitating fluid conditions. 

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83000 Steam Form MN valve

84003 (84000) Series SteamFrom

The Masoneilan line of steam conditioning valves offers a wide range of features, including low noise trim and a patented water injection system, for applications that require both pressure and temperature reduction in an integrated package. The SteamForm* product line combines more than 125 years of pressure control expertise with the latest in desuperheating technology to offer a highly efficient steam conditioning solution.

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