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In order to protect individuals and the wider population from the threat of dangerous viruses like SARS, Ebola and COVID-19, scanning potential carriers and effective decontamination of your facility is key. Honeywell has two systems to minimize contagion among your work staff while keeping them safe.

Gas Detection for Decontamination Applications

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Decontaminating an area with disinfectants or other compounds to eliminate bacteria or other biological items is required in many industries on a regular basis. This process can create toxic gasses which should be monitored during all phases of the decontamination process - prior to personnel reentering the area, during decontamination and when PPE is being removed by decontamination personnel. Honeywell offers the broadest range of fixed and portables gas detection solutions to meet all your decontamination safety needs.

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Thermal Scanning: Fever Detection (Core Body Temperature) in Access Control Systems

Thermal Scanner

Thermal Scanner

Honeywell‘s Rebellion thermal imaging systems bring a decade of experience in the most advanced hyperspectral imaging technologies for gas leak detection, fire detection and intrusion monitoring applications.

Now this expertise has been extended into the area of medical scanning, in order to more effectively join the fight against the threat of out of control viruses, like SARS, Ebola and the latest, COVID-19. These threats are not new, are likely to occur again, and we need innovative solutions to address that threat.

Protect your workforce and any visitors by deploying the Honeywell ThermoRebellion system. Enable your business to continue effective and safe operations by taking core body temperature (instead of surface body temperature) readings of employees and visitors in your facility.

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