Temperature SwitchTemperature Switches

Temperature switches are very important for process information and equipment protection. Temperature switches can be differential, RTD, IR and thermocouple. When selecting the temperature switch and the temperature accessories that will accompany your requirements, consider the following: metallurgy and material compatibility with the process, pressure rating, signal type (120VAC, 24VDC, etc), temperature range, contact sets (Normally Open or Normally Closed), contact inrush amperage rating and the process connection. We represent top manufacturers with products that can easily satisfy your temperature switch requirements.

UE Temperature Switch

United Electric Temperature Switches


Temperature switches offered by UE are for general purpose and for hazardous applications. Many of UE switches meet IEC 61508, SIL2 and SIL3 applications.

Dwyer Temperature Switch

Dwyer Temperature Switches

US manufacture, Dwyer, provides digital panel mounts, limits and mechanical temperature switches. 

WIKA Temperature Switch

WIKA Temperature Switches

WIKA's full-line of switches leverage bimetal, gas actuated, expansion thermometer, solar powered and many other options.

ifm Temperature Switch

IFM Temperature Switches

IFM's deep portfolio has switches for RTDs, Infrared (IR) and thermocouples. IFM offers TW Series for inline IR temperature transducers, RTD's, and thermocouples. IFM also has a wide range of temperature switches for sanitary applications. 

Acromag Temperature Switch

Acromag Temperature Switches/Limits

Acromag provides temperature signal conditioning for RTD's and thermocouples. The Acromag portfolio has DIN Rail mounted limits for thermocouples and RTD temperature sensor input signals against user-defined hi/lo setpoint alarm limits for fail-safe relay trip activation.

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