Industrial Flame Monitoring MainIndustrial Flame Monitoring

Relevant Solutions offers industrial flame monitoring solutions for the toughest environments. This includes multiple sensor options (UV, IR, and combined UV/IR), viewing heads, signal processors and all-in-one solutions. We also provide digital and analog outputs, multi-burner flame discrimination, remote configuration, monitoring and diagnostics, x-ray and gamma ray immunity and flare stack monitors.

Honeywell Industrial Flame Monitoring

Honeywell Industrial Flame Monitors

Honeywell provides signal processors, viewing heads, Flame Rods, Combination UV/IR  sensing heads, flare stack monitoring and fiber optics.

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Fireye Flame Scanner

Fireye Industrial Flame Monitors

Fireye Provides UV and IR with your choice of integrated or discreet flame scanning technology.

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Protection Controls Flame Monitoring

Protection Controls Inc. Industrial Flame Monitors

PCI offers a variety of P-C II UV scanner options to be utilized with their Protectofier Flame Safety Systems.

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