Combustion Accessories

Providing quality components and accessories for fuel fired equipment is essential for an efficient combustion system. Relevant Solutions provides a versatile portfolio of combustion accessories to suit any application. We have partnered with the best manufacturers in the industry (including Allanson, Dongan, Honeywell, Crown, Westwood, Eclipse, Krohm Schroder, Hauck, Maxon, ASCO, Fireye, United Electric UE) to ensure that quality and versatility are paramount within our combustion accessories.

Honeywell Combustion Accessories

Legacy Honeywell Flame Safeguard

Honeywell has a long history of providing combustion accessories. This includes flame simulators, pilot assemblies, spark ignitors, flame rods, modulating motors, linkages and keyboard display modules.   

Honeywell Combustion Safety

Honeywell Combustion Safety Accessories

Honeywell combustion safety focuses on five specific service and solution offerings: testing & inspection, engineering services, gas hazards management, field services and customized training.   

Eclipse and Exothermic Combustion

Eclipse & Exothermics Combustion Accessories

Honeywell's Eclipse and Exothermics are combustion industry leaders that provide component and system accessories for many challenging applications. Eclipse and Exothermics provide air blowers, filter assemblies, sinusoidal heat exchanger plates, UV scanner mountings and ignition transformers.

Hauck Burner

Hauck Manufacturing Combustion Accessories

Hauck Manufacturing provides complete combustion solution systems and accessories for many applications in the asphalt and fracking industry. Hauck’s line-up includes: stack temperature sensors, oil viscometer kits, low fire switches, LED flame meters and gas pilot valves. 

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Kromschroder Combustion Accessories

Kromschroder Combustion Accessories

Providing burner management systems for process and heating applications has always been at the core of Kromschroder’s industry specific focus. Kromschroder supplies filters, regulators, impulse systems, Profibus DP interfaces and ceramic burner tubes.         

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Maxon Combustion Accessories

Maxon Combustion Accessories

As a groundbreaking pioneer in the combustion industry the name Maxon is synonymous with innovative designs and quality. Not only do they provide industrial burners and combustion systems, but Maxon also provides world class system accessories including light oil supply units, gas pilot assemblies, flame sensors, ignitors and flamerods.

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General Combustion Accessories

We offer a wide rage of accessories from ignition transformers, ignition wiring, flame rods, gas and air pressure switches, electrodes, mod motors, actuators and RAJA connectors.

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