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Relevant Solutions offers FM approved SIL3 capable safety shut-off valves, control valves, sliding gate valves, ball valves, pneumatic and electric actuators, fireproof capabilities, gas and oil valves, and ratio and flow valves. 

Maxon Valve

Maxon Safety Shut Off

Maxon electric and pneumatic gas valves are the only fuel shut-off valves with metal-to-metal seats that wear in - not out. Maxon valves can shut off gas or oil lines in less than one second! A variety of optional body materials and connections provide reliable operation even for highly corrosive fuels and oxygen. Application flexibility is provided with 3/4” through 6” diameter lines, CV flow factors up to 1,230 and pressures up to 125 PSIG. Powerful closing springs provide a reliable closing force for assurance of safe fuel shut off. The natural guillotine action of MAXON shut off valves add a self-cleaning stroke to the valve operation.  

All MAXON valves are 100% tested for function and seal before leaving the factory. All MAXON valves are available with international agency approvals for a wide variety of services including hazardous areas and are SIL 3 capable.

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Maxon Micor Ratio Valve

Maxon Micro Ratio Valves

Maxon's MICRO-RATIO® gas and oil valves are used for air, gas and oil proportioning control and have a multiple screw cam assembly. These flow valve assemblies provide mechanical adjustment capabilities to the air/fuel ratio at each valve position throughout the entire capacity range of the burner system. This gas valve also provides a fully adjustable throttling range and is designed to operate over the extremely wide turndown capabilities of Maxon's modern industrial burner systems.

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Maxon PSCheck

Maxon PS Check Valves

Maxon’s Series 8000 pneumatic SSOV, combined with MAXON PSCHECK technology, can offer a SIL 3 capable system. MAXON PSCHECK systems utilize partial stroke technology that determine the status of an SSOV without shutting down or interrupting combustion operations regardless of how many times the valves are tested. This enables an uninterrupted process flow. Data from test is collected and trended to detect valve degradation, giving process control plants better predictive maintenance and reducing the possibility of undetected valve failures. Frequent testing of the Series 8000 pneumatic safety shut off valve also helps clean the surface of the metal-to-metal seats, which are enhanced by the 'wear in', not out design feature.

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Krom Schroder Modular Solenoid Valves

Honeywell Kromschroder Modular Solenoid Valves

Honeywell Kromschroder offers a full line of compact modular solenoid valves, internally regulated valves and a gas/air ratio & regulator integrated into a safety shut-off valve minimizing installed footprint.

Modular design allows for the gas train to be designed as necessary, integrated flow control limits flow rate from 100% to 20%, upstream and downstream ports are located on both sides of the valve, optional proof of closure and visual position indicator to meet necessary code requirements, optional dampening device to meet requirements for slow opening valves, and a wide array of modular accessories.

Regulator models include an internal fuel pressure sensing line, no external reference lines are required.

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AT Controls Automated Valve

A-T Controls Manual and Automated Valve Packages

A-T Controls offers manual and automated valve packages: 2-Piece, 3-Piece, High Performance, Soft Seat, High Temperature Metal Seat, Split Body Flange, Full Port, Firesafe, Direct Mount, Multi Port, 3-way, 4-way, 5 way, Tank Bottom, V-Port, Control Ball, High Performance and Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves, and the newly released soft and metal seated trunnion mounted ball valves.

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RMG Gas Pressure Regulator

RMG Gas Pressure Regulators

Honeywell serves the entire gas value chain from high pressure transmission and underground storage to distribution. Gas pressure regulators for low, medium and high pressure applications are offered through RMG by Honeywell.

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