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Badger Meter Flow Instrumentation understands that companies cannot manage what they cannot measure—and leverages more than a century of flow measurement expertise and a technology-rich portfolio to optimize customer applications worldwide. Being an industry leader in both mechanical and electrical flow metering technologies, Badger Meter offers one of the broadest flow control and measurement portfolios in the industry—a portfolio that includes eight out of the ten major flow meter technologies. 

Blancett Turbine Flow Meter

Blancett Turbine Flow Meters

Blancett turbine flow meters feature durable stainless steel designs that are well-suited for applications with high-corrosive, temperature or pressure environments.

Vision Turbine Flow Meter

Vision Turbine Flow Meters

The Vision turbine is the smallest flow meter from Badger Meter. The meters are designed for flow measurement of low-viscosity and non-aggressive liquids, including demineralized water, alkaline solutions, oils, salad oil, fuel consumption, beverages, water solutions and coolants. Plus, Vision turbine meters comply with NSF standards and the lead-free provision of the Safe Water Drinking Act.

Cox Turbine Flow Meters

Cox Precision Turbine Flow Meters

Cox turbine meters provide highly accurate liquid measurement in a compact package. Designed to measure clean fluids, Cox turbine meters use ceramic ball bearings to virtually eliminate friction, providing highly accurate and repeatable measurements and are available in both single rotor and patented dual rotor configurations. Cox flow monitors and transmitters feature several design configurations, while some use Strouhal-Roshko computations to improve flow meter accuracy by compensating for thermal effects on the meter bore diameter. Custom packaging is available upon factory consultation.

Turbo Industrial & Recordall Turbine Flow Meters

Industrial & Recordall Turbine Flow Meters

Industrial Turbo meters are ideally suited for the toughest flow conditions where continuous service and minimal maintenance are required. They are available in various materials and pressure ratings and can be combined with a large selection of Badger Meter accessories to suit numerous applications.

Recordall Turbo Flow Meters

Industrial & Recordall Turbine Flow Meters

Recordall Turbo Series meters are ideally suited for any water application, performing with great accuracy over a wide flow range. They also have very low pressure loss, increasing system efficiency.

Oval Gear

Industrial Oval Gear (IOG) Flow Meters

Badger Meter IOG flow meters provide an effective solution for optimizing process operations—even in very low-flow environments—enabling users to match the meter size to their application for utmost accuracy. The meters deliver precise flow measurements to eliminate waste, and thanks to low pressure drop, have minimal impact on system energy requirements to move liquids.

Recordall Disc

Nutating Disc Flow Meters

Recordall (RCDL) positive displacement meters are one of the most cost-effective methods in metering industrial fluids. The RCDL meter has a simple, efficient design for high accuracy and repeatability over the entire meter flow range.

Hedland Variable Area

Variable Area Flow Meters

The Hedland family of products features over 18,000 inline variable area flow meters for oil, phosphate esters, water, water-based liquids and compressed gases. Capable of operating in any position, Hedland meters are easy to read and built for use in rugged environments.

FloTech Hydraulic

Hydraulic Diagnostic Products

Flo-tech products are used extensively in hydraulic testing and analysis. Capable of simultaneous flow, pressure and temperature measurement, typical product applications include:

  • Flow measurement
  • Test stands with flow, pressure and temperature sensors
  • On-site diagnostics and troubleshooting

Data Industrial Flow Meter

Data Industrial Impeller Flow Meter

The Data Industrial impeller flow meters feature a six-blade or a symmetrical four-blade paddle-wheel design with a patented sensing mechanism. Unlike some mechanical metering technologies, impellers can tolerate bursts of air and vibration that would often damage other meters. Impeller solutions are extensible with network and data acquisition options.

Differential Pressure Flow Meter

Differential Pressure Flow Meters

Preso differential pressure flow meters are precision-engineered to offer exceptional turndown ratios and superior accuracy. Designed to accommodate any manufacturer’s pressure transducer, the Preso family offers a complete line of primary flow elements including Pitot tubes, venturi meters and wedge meters.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Whether it’s improving accuracy, decreasing system maintenance or meeting the demands of challenging liquid conditions, Badger Meter electromagnetic meters deliver the performance and precision that your critical flow measurement applications require.

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

The Badger Meter RCT1000 Coriolis mass flow meter identifies flow rate by directly measuring fluid mass over a wide range of temperatures with a high degree of accuracy. For fluids consisting of two liquids or two gases, the RCT1000 Coriolis system can derive the concentration and mass of each fluid based on the density measurement.  Furthermore, the unobstructed, open flow design makes it suitable for a variety of fluids such as slurries and other viscous, nonconductive fluids that are difficult to measure with other technologies.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Dynasonics ultrasonic flow meters are ideal for liquid flow measurement as a permanently installed meter, a temporarily installed meter or as a portable flow verification device. The clamp-on design for closed pipes is non-intrusive and offers fast installation and setup with no need to cut into or drain piping. Some models also offer energy metering and network connectivity.

Vortex Flow Meters

Vortex Flow Meters

Vortex flow meters are ideal for accurately measuring liquids, compressed air and saturated steam. Vortex meters have no moving parts and are virtually maintenance-free once installed. Meters are available in wafer, insertion and flange designs.

Valves & Positioners

Valves & Positioners

Badger Meter manufactures and markets a complete range of precision control valves and accessories to meet the most critical and demanding applications. Badger meters offers small Control valves, Actuators, Electronic actuator SEVA, and Positioners. 

Flow Measurement Manager

Flow Measurement Manager

Badger Meter manufactures and markets a complete range of precision control valves and accessories to meet the most critical and demanding applications. Badger meters offers small Control valves, Actuators, Electronic actuator SEVA, and Positioners. 

Calibration Services

Calibration Services

Flow Dynamics is a major, independent primary standard flow calibration laboratory, supplying both manufacturers and end users with unparalleled calibration results.

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